Reading Mentoring Programme at Tooting Primary School

Reading Mentoring Programme

Tooting Primary School



Four pupils were selected to be reading mentors for a group of reception pupils at Tooting Primary School.

They worked with a selection of 4 / 5 year olds over a period of 6 weeks. They listened to them read and helped them to develop the skills they need to be a competent readers.

They also chose a children’s book and read it to a small group of children.

They attended a series of training sessions that equipped them with the skills needed to become good reading mentors.

They looked at how children learn to read, decoding, comprehension, context, talking to children and much more!

 All the pupils were fully committed to being reading mentors.

The main aim was to develop

  • literacy skills (reading accuracy, vocabulary, comprehension and spelling)
  • Confidence and improved self esteem
  • Enjoyment of reading
  • Improved attendance
  • A reward at the end – certificates and CV

Each week the pupils were on time, well presented and keen to visit the children. They were mature in their attitude towards staff and all the children

Comments from the students

Georgie“It was good for me because I was helping little kids. I am going to put it on my CV. I feel like I am reading better and I am more confident.”

Shauna“I learnt how to ask them questions about what happened in the book and how to explain to them what words mean. I felt proud of myself.”

Jardain“I learnt to be patient with the children because they could not read as fast as me – they stumbled on words. I learnt how to ask questions and talk about the pictures.”

Stevie  Jai  –  “I am glad I did it. I liked the children and I liked seeing how the children learnt. When I first met them they could not read – now they understand more.”

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