Y11 Burberry Trip

Prior to half-term, year 11 students from Westdean and Tooting went to visit to Burberry HQ. All displayed mature behaviour, engaged with all of the tasks and were a real joy to work with.

Westdean and Tooting students worked as teams with a mentor from Burberry and each team was given a design brief to create an accessory or garment for a particular demographic. Each student was allocated a role within their team and each student fulfilled their given task successfully. 

After visiting the designers floor and seeing where and how Burberry designs are made, the students came back to the presentation room. Each team (after a little practice) stepped on stage and gave a presentation, which would have a winner at the end. Every one of our students got up and said their piece in front of complete strangers.

Of the five teams who participated in the presentation, team number five (Khalid, Teddy and Jah-Mah), were the winners, each taking home an expensive bottle of Burberry aftershave! Their design was given AMAZING feedback from the 5 Burberry judges…

The students were/are a credit to Francis Barber!!!!

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