War Child Project

Pupils are currently taking part in a War Child project in conjunction with the Evening Standard and The Independent Newspapers – the extract below is from the first article published featuring their work.  One pupil from Francis Barber PRU will go along to Downing Street to present letters written by pupils later on this month.
Pupils paired with victims of African religious civil war  
The Francis Barber Pupil Referral Unit in Wandsworth is for boys and girls who have been excluded from mainstream school, some of whom are pictured right. 
The children were very interested in War Child as they had previously completed a project on child soldiers, which spurred them to raise money for the cause. Teachers realised the topic had grabbed their attention so were keen to get involved with our twinning campaign. 
The pupils will be paired with students in Bangui in the Central African Republic, where a protracted civil war has seen fighting along religious lines. 
Nikai, 14, who wants to be a personal trainer, said: “I am interested in this subject. It makes me sympathetic, but I don’t know much about it.”
Nicolas, 14, whose interests are football and athletics, said: “If I could ask the students a question it would be ‘what happened to you?’” 
Jay, 13, left, said: “I enjoyed our project last time when we learned about child soldiers —it was fascinating.
“I would like to ask the refugees how  did they feel when  they were trying to escape.”
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