Remembrance Day Poppies Display

Pupils in KS3 along with their teachers, Paula & Gwen used their recycling and artistic skills to create a wonderful display of poppies for the Remembrance day of 11th November 2018.

They collected plastic bottles and had them cut so they could use the bottoms. The pupils painted these using acrylic paints and mounted them on board.

There was a lot of interest about the poppies and this gave us the opportunity to discuss the importance of Remembrance Day.

As well as enhancing all their fine motor skills, pupils developed teamwork, commitment , tenacity and pride in all their hard work on this project, with pupils often asking to help in their breaks or just a place to take some time out.

A big thank you, in particular to Dylan, Khia, Jay, Dante, Tyreece and Abigail and the staff Paula & Gwen.

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