Dogs Trust Workshops

The Dogs Trust delivered 4 workshops in February to Year 10s, giving them the skills to take care of a pet dog.

Jo, the London Education and Outreach Officer from Dogs Trust, ran some dog related workshops at Francis Barber. During the session we learnt about a variety of dog related topics, using interactive resources and discussions. We discovered what a big responsibility owning a  dog is. We covered:-

  1. What the Dogs Trust does and why. Previous experiences around dogs and how our behaviour can affect how they feel. What we need to think about before getting a dog, to ensure we can provide all the things it needs, for the whole of it’s life. #adogisforlife
  2. The variety of different breeds of dog, how their care requirements differ and how important it is we are aware of this, before we get a dog. Long haired dogs need regular coat care, some breeds require high levels of exercise and mental stimulation, some breeds are more prone to health conditions or can inherit them genetically.    
  3. How dogs communicate with us, their feelings and emotions and how they try to let us know what they are feeling through their body language.
  4. Making a  budget for a dog, including all the start up and ongoing items you would need to purchase for a dog and why they are important for health and welfare.  
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