Young Writers Competition 2019

Seven of our youngsters had their poems entered for a competition called Poetry Escape. The theme was to inspire students to let the world know what matters to them and express this through poetry.

The pupils explored some issues relating to society, friends, bullying, school, social media, injustice and poverty.

 The poetry they wrote gave them a platform to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings, break down barriers and liberate their creativity.

The seven poems sent to the competition have been selected to be published in a book. Out of 8,000 entries across London schools it is a great achievement for Francis Barber students.

The following pupils worked hard to explore the themes and created poetry using a range of styles

Society in real life – Housing by Ellie

Bike Life by Dylan

Danger on London Streets by Dante

Why do I have to go to school? by Billy

Bikes Up, Knives Down by Jay

Crime by Louie

Grenfell by Jabari

A display was put up in the classroom for the pupils to be proud of their work and also to await news if we had any winning entries. Some examples are included below.

The favourite five published poems from this competition will each win £100 – to be announced next term.

I will continue to link with Young Writers a s they have very good resources and the pupils enjoy being part of a competition.

A book and a free copy with all the entries will be forwarded to the school.

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