Rugby X

On Tuesday 29th October we took 7 students from Westdean to the O2 to compete in a 5-a-side rugby tournament.  The tournament was in conjunction with Dallaglio Rugbyworks and the students played 3 games of 5-a-side touch rugby against other schools who also receive coaching and are involved in the scheme.

After a nervous start, as for all of our students this was their first rugby tournament, they began to increase their confidence and communication skills and grew into the game.  Despite going a couple of tries down early on, the students pulled together and fought back to draw their first game.  They continued to improve throughout the afternoon and despite not grabbing a win, they finished with another draw and marginally lost to the team who went on to win the tournament.

 After the student tournament finished we had been supplied tickets to stay on to watch the professionals take part in the inaugural Rugby X tournament.  This exhibition tournament included a male and a female tournament and the students were able to watch the group games in the men’s and the semi-finals of the women’s tournament.  This gave the students a great insight into contact rugby at close quarters. 

Despite it being a long day and not returning to school until 18.45, the students who remained commented that it had been the best school event they had been to.

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