PRU Management Board

Composition & Membership – November 2019

Member categories Number Appointment arrangements (how and by whom)
Parent 1 By election organised by the Heads but if no parents stand for election or is less than the number of vacancies, the Board may make the appointment in line with the Schedule 1 of the 2007 Regulations.
Community 7 By the Board.  A person who is a governor or member of staff of a maintained or Academy school in the community served by the PRU.  (Regulations 2012 (No 1825)).  Community members to comprise:

·    3 x primary school headteachers

·    2 x secondary school headteachers

·    1 x special school headteacher

·    1 x representative of the Mental Health Trust

LA 3 Appointed by the LA.
Staff 3 To be filled by current PRU Headteachers
Advisers 1 Head of Education Inclusion Service
Member Type Appointed
Andy Hough, Education Inclusion Service Adviser n/a
Sarah Santos, Paddock School (Special School Rep) Community
Dr Oliver Sindall

South West London or St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (CAMHS)

Community November 2019
Theresa Moses, Albemarle (Community school) Community September 2018
Ellie Loughnan, Brandlehow (Foundation school) Community September 2018
Christian Kingsley, Chestnut Grove School Community September 2015
Clare Mitchell, St Mary’s RC Primary School Community November 2017
Rukhsana Sheikh, Ernest Bevin College Community March 2015
Cllr Judi Gasser, LA LA June 2019
Kate Bond, LA LA June 2018
Cllr Sarah McDermott, LA LA
Felicia Efole Parent January 2019
Tara Bell, Head,  Hospital Home & Tuition Staff n/a
Jackie Addison, Head, Francis Barber Staff n/a
Eileen Shannon, Head, Victoria Drive Staff n/a
Sarah  Anderson Clerk

Finance and Resources Committee

There is additionally a Finance and Resources sub-committee, comprising 7 members which also oversees all three PRUS, and meets termly.

Composition – three named community members (including at least one primary head and one secondary head); one LA governor and three staff members (PRU Heads). The quorum will be 4 members. When a named community (school representative) member is unable to attend, they will nominate a representative to attend in their place.

Declarations of Interest

There are currently no declaration of pecuniary interests.

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